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Goatlady with Dawson's  kids
Why do you want to own a Pygora goat?
The Pygora is a loving, funny, playful, fleece producing goat. Do you think that Pygora kids are cute and might be fun to own? Have you really thought hard about the responsibility of owning and caring for a goat? Do you have the time and energy for a kid? Goats are herd animals so you will have to own at least two. Goats can be very vocal at times and may attract flies in the summer, especially if you forget to clean their pen regularly. If you decide to buy a Pygora, be sure to have the proper housing, fencing and everything else you will need ready before the goat comes home with you.

Give it some thought before you rush out to buy a Pygora or any other breed of goat. If the buyer and goaties are happy, we are happy.

GR Pygora kids SOLD
Hi Mom! Sorry!
Buckling  SOLD
Our Pygora kids!
We are very proud of our Garrett Ranch kids. Many years have gone into our breeding program. Only the BEST is good enough!

For more information, please contact us at the following email address:

For more information, contact us.

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